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San Diego County Democratic Party Resolution regarding "Opposition to the Cottonwood Open Pit Strip Sand Mine Proposal in Rancho San Diego, California".


Resolution supporters include:

Sierra Club, San Diego Chapter

San Diego Democratic Party

San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action

La Mesa Foothills Democratic Club

Democratic Women's Club of San Diego

East County Democratic Club

Chapter Chair

Sierra Club San Diego


Vice Chairperson

Stop Cottonwood Sand Mine, Org.


Stop Cottonwood Sand Mine, Org.

President, Lorenz Advertising

Director, Stop Cottonwood Sand Mine, Org.


Stop Cottonwood Sand Mine, Org.


Community Member

Indian Mills Lane, Jamul

Community Members

Heatherwood Drive, El Cajon

Community Members


Community Member

Cottonwood Springs Lane, Jamul


Stop Cottonwood Sand Mine, Org.


Community Member


Community Member

Steele Canyon Estates, Jamul


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"I made this video today while hiking the trail at Par 4 Drive, as I am truly shocked at the number of locals I talk to who are unaware of this proposed project."

- Zachary B. Svelling

"Great video! The surrounding schools should be doing a better job informing parents about this. I know for a fact that a lot of people in Rancho San Diego don't know about this proposed Sand Mine. We all need to help share this information!"

- Enas Zori Najar

"It's hard to believe that they will harvest all that sand even though it helps to clean and filter the water that flows to Sweetwater River. The sand also helps distribute water to our underground aquafer and many well water local residents depend on the natural flush of fresh ground water each year. Wonder if local people realize how this truly negatively affects our environment and water supply."

- Jennifer Poole Wilson

"No Sand Mine!!!"

- Linda Lambert

"Is there any regard for the community around the Cottonwood Golf Club land?

- Rick Crawford

"Stop the sand mine!"

- Diane Silverthorn

"I would like to see this property turned into a park!"

- Mike Petitt

"I was just thinking how lucky we were not to buy a house at Steele Canyon Estates. We looked at two properties and I decided not to be stuck with every rising maintenance fee. Those homes are worth over 2 million dollars and will be having sand on everything."

- Larry Joe Sutton

"Do not destroy this beautiful residential community."

- Dorothy Sagaser

"Protect our environment and eliminate more truck traffic."

- Velina (Monica) Bryan-Gonzalez

"As a Registered Civil Engineer and former member of the Valle de Oro Community Planning Group, I believe that this proposed project is incompatible with the neighborhood. The silica dust and air pollution is dangerous for the community. The traffic impacts will negatively affect neighborhoods throughout this region. The environmental impacts are devastating. Please protect our neighborhood and do NOT compromise our health and well-being!"

- Josan Feathers

"This would greatly impact all residents. There is a school, family park and family dwellings in the direct vicinity. The roads are not equipped for the amount of trucks that would be trucking sand in and out of the property, not to mention the noise impact."

- Donna Burns

"This would be a disaster for our health and quality of life!"

- Sandra Wood

"We must save and preserve our nature."

- Doria Wosk

"Mining does not belong in a residential neighborhood. The proposed site borders homes and schools and the noise pollution will disrupt our lives."

- Melinda Oliver

"I do not want this beautiful area we live in spoiled."

- Jan Gates

"Mining of any kind should not be allowed in or near planned residential communities."

- Phillip Faker

"This type of operation has no place in this area. Increased truck traffic, added congestion to traffic in an already busy area, and close to an elementary school - this is inappropriate! Allowing a sand mining operation in a neighborhood would be seriously detrimental to our quality of life in Jamul and Rancho San Diego. This travesty must not go forward."

- Barbara Sevier

"Don't let them destroy our beautiful neighborhood and Rancho San Diego!"

- Melody Marchand

"A sand mine will disrupt the quality of our lives!"

- Dina Beerle

"No more traffic, trucks, dust, noise or environmental damage in our community. We already have troubles with trucks on the roads and our homes bombarded with dust from the nearby quarry."

- Tim Schneider

"This project will affect my health and my family's health as well as cause pollution throughout the area."

- Ziad Alsaigh

"I ride horses in this area. It will be a health hazard to breath in the area if the sand mine goes in, not to mention having to look and listen to the nonstop commotion!"

- Jane Jones

"This project does not belong in this already congested area. It would add 176 trips per day of commercial trucks to an area that is already maxed out and create dangerous traffic conditions, exhaust, and dust. It will decrease surrounding property values."

- Tom & Claire Kelly

"Traffic is already heavily impacted in this area - a mining operation will exacerbate this problem and our quality of life in many ways."

- Michael Ann Beyer

"I strongly oppose sand mining in the Cottonwood area for these reasons (1) This is a pleasant residential community that consists of homes, from condos to multi-million dollar homes, that would face plummeting property values; (2) More importantly, our children attend nearby public schools and our elderly live in nearby facilities - these require an environment free from air, noise pollution, and traffic; (3) Willow Glen Road is a two-lane road, already crowded with speeders and traffic going to the casino. Anyone who visits our Cottonwood community will understand why this sand mining project would endanger our health and the safety of our environment."

- Daryl Mason

"There has already been far too much destruction to this area."

- Carolyn Elliott

"I am opposed to a sand mine at Cottonwood Golf Club. This will rob the community of the beauty of the area. It would be very disruptive to the whole community."

- Karolyn Malmin

"I have lived on the ridge of Wind River Road overlooking the Club House on Cottonwood Golf Club. I am horrified that it is even considered to add another Gravel/Sand operation so close to one that already exists on Willow Glen Road."

- Elaine Pierce

"As a lifelong member of the community of Rancho San Diego, I know that we value peace, tranquility, and quality of life. This proposed sand mine in the heart of Rancho San Diego, on a watershed (Sweetwater River), and a stone's throw from our bird sanctuary that the County spent millions to preserve over 20 years ago, is gross and wrong. The environmental impact alone, without bringing up the monetary and social impacts of the "golf course houses" that line this proposed development, is massive."

- Matthew Howard

"I live off Wind River Road and my view is of the Cottonwood Golf Club property. I am very concerned that a sand mine will negatively affect our property values as well as destroy this community's beauty."

- Kyle Daniels

"I am with you to stop the negative impact this selfish project would have both environmentally and financially on the community."

- Craig Newberry

"This area is so beautiful. It should be left alone. Traffic is already bad and a sand mine would pollute the air creating/exacerbating allergies."

- Shatal Dyer

"We cannot let anyone do this massive digging right in the midst of beautiful homes, families and children. The whole environment will be impacted with debris and sand flying everywhere. It will be very bad for children and adults to breath. This should not be done in a residentially developed area!"

- Sharon Mele

"This sand mining project is an atrocity on every level!"

- Sallie Brown

"I am a community member and a property owner who is very much against the Cottonwood Sand Mine project."

- Marlene Shannon

"I am totally opposed to the sand mine!"

- Katherine Mertes

"We are opposed to this project!"

- Jim & Anne-Marie Roach

"I oppose this project. It will cause a depreciation in home values. It will destroy the beautiful communities of Jamul and Rancho San Diego."

- Shirlie Coles Laipple

"This project must not move forward. There are no pros to a Sand Mine in Cottonwood!"

- Ryan Stephans

"This sand mine must be fought. How is California supporting an All Green environment yet this project is being considered when it would replace a habitat supporting animals with an empty, non-environmental Sand Pit?!"

- John McCann

"I and my extended family see no redeeming benefits of a sand mine replacing the Cottonwood Golf Club, other than lining the pocket of the owner with cash. What will the public receive in exchange?"

- J. Dennis Jamison

"I object to the proposal of the Cottonwood Sand Mine!"

- Eric M. Anderson

"We must stop this! We must keep our community safe and clean."

- Brittani Whiteley

"I'm totally against this project in my community due to the health issues and traffic impact it will have."

- Henry Zaldivar

"This project is completely unacceptable and against the will of the residents in the surrounding community. We pay our taxes and expect to live in comfort in return."

- Maria Fakhoury

"I am totally against this Sand Pit. This road is already dangerous and has many accidents monthly. Adding more heavy truck traffic on Willow Glen Road will make it even more dangerous. This project must consider all the families and children traveling this route to and from school, work and home."

- Janice Echaves

"I live on Sycuan Indian Reservation and want to help stop this."

- Lorie Sturgeon-Sandoval

"This is a bedroom community with already inadequate streets for traffic in the area. To bring an environmentally and inappropriate industry into the area that is not compatible is criminal."

- Sherry Bean

"I stand completely against this project and against the developer who wants to damage our water resources."

- Renee Soto

"I want to stop this sand mine. I do not want to hear the horrible loud noise that will be inevitable."

- Raghad Hamama

"I have horses boarded at a nearby equestrian facility and many of us who ride in the area are concerned about the negative impacts to ourselves and our animals."

- Linda Michael

"No way in hell should a sand project be allowed!"

- Peter Ehmcke

"This would be a travesty to Rancho San Diego if approved. One quarry on Willow Glen Drive is too much... let's not add another!"

- Tim Brodowski

"I am devastated that someone wants to turn the beautiful property into a sand mining operation. It is all about money and not how the community will be impacted negatively."

- Leeanne Jolly

"This is not right. It needs to be stopped. The air quality is ridiculous already and is killing us."

- John Drumel

"Stop the mine! This is a disservice to the hard working property owners of Rancho San Diego and Jamul."

- John C. Stafford

"We live here because of the wonderful nature and silence around us during the day and night. To have someone come in and destroy this land and have trucks coming in and out of our streets and community all day is unacceptable. We will never be able to sell our homes if a sand mine is approved. It is a tragedy for Rancho San Diego if this is allowed to happen."

- Jane Girardot

"This absolutely cannot go forward!"

- Laura Pribyl

"Our community has grown and is filled with children in local schools. We do not need polluting trucks going in and out, silica in the air, harm to our lungs and our children's lungs. This is the wrong location for a sand mine."

- Cherie Martinez

"This proposal is incompatible with the area and adjacent homes."

- Stephen Kapp

"Save our community - we must stop this sand mine!"

- Gina Holenstein

"I strongly oppose anything so unsuitable as this sand mine for our lovely rural community."

- Sherry Johnson

"The Sweetwater Riverbed should not be touched. If this sand mine is approved, how will the Sweetwater Authority transfer water from Loveland to the Sweetwater reservoir without it being contaminated?"

- Rudy & Elsie Marik

"This is not a good idea in any way. It will line the pockets of a few while destroying our community."

- Mavi Ghio

"I have lived here 40 years and am strongly opposed to this project!"

- Jerry Ann Smith

"We must stop this!"

Kenya L. Taylor

"This cannot happen!"

- Timothy Schneider

"There will be loss of property values due to the noise, dust, and safety issues if this is approved."

- Connie Beck

"The Sand Mine will ruin our environment and our neighborhoods. The beauty and air quality impacts from this this ugly, noisy & polluting project would be a terrible insult to the people who live here. None of the roads were designed for the volume of heavy trucks that will be added to the heavy trucks already running from Hester's Quarry on Willow Glen into El Cajon, La Mesa and elsewhere. We can't let the greed of the developers supersede the lives of the thousands of community members who would be detrimentally impacted should this monstrosity be allowed to move forward."

- E John Buesing

"I overlook the golf course - why is someone trying to take our great community away? Why put the elementary school children at risk with all the additional large trucks?"

- Robin Damico

"This project is despicable and cannot be approved in such a beautiful community!"

- Christine Thompson

"The owner of this property is responsible for numerous land grabs, praying on communities with open space, for profit."

- James Ridgeway

"Why insist on ruining the environment?"

- Mary Willis

"This project is disgusting. It will be horrendous with traffic, plummeting property values, dirt everywhere, and perhaps dangerous chemicals in our community. How can a plan like this be approved in the middle of a residential community?"

- Sandra Tessier

"We definitely need to stop this sand mine! Why doesn't the County buy it, keep the east golf course as a public course, and convert the west, or lakes, course as a park with walking paths, cement benches, picnic tables, and an enclosed dog park?"

- Stephen & Kay Brownellor-Bickley

"Please be aware of the air quality change this sand mine would bring - the amount of debris on your patios and in your pools as well as the early morning wake-up signals coming from trucks. We live four blocks from the MacGrath Rock Quarry in Rancho San Diego and have first-hand experience what having an operation of this kind in your backyard is like - it's not pretty!"

- Kathy Hebert

"I am very concerned about the proposed project and its excavation of sand. Living directly across the street from this leads me to be very concerned about my health. Being asthmatic, having several allergies that contribute to my asthma, I am concerned about my quality of life. It's not just the pollution from the machinery and the trucks hauling the sand that's problematic, but also the particulates in the air from the excavation process. There will also be increased traffic on Willow Glen Drive tearing up an already compromised road. My husband and I moved to this rural location 18 years ago to escape the traffic, pollution and noise. We came to enjoy the views, the quiet, the natural habitat, the serenity of a rural community. Now all of our dreams could be shattered if this sand mining project is approved. We want to live our our senior years without the disruption of a sand mine - please do not allow the permitting for this project. It will affect so many families and their quality of life."

- Linda Crouch

"I bought our house 15 years ago because of the golf course. I am retired. This sand mine would be a disaster for me."

- Ronald Bentley

"We must stop this before it gets started. It is BAD for the community."

- Toby Levy-Preston

"I am against turning this beautiful property into a sand mine!"

- Sam Salem

"We strongly oppose the Sand Mine!"

- Joseph & Regina Decker

"This sand mine project would be a disaster for our residential community as well as create severe problems with traffic and air quality."

- Joseph Duncan

"I strongly object to the Cottonwood Sand Mine project."

- Ramiel Begzadeh

"We are against the Sand Mine in our community and so near the elementary school where our children walk to school. It will completely kill off the animals and birds in our natural preserve. We live in a very quiet and low traffic area; our way of life will change drastically if this sand mine goes in. Home prices in the surrounding area will be cut in half since no one will want to live here. This is unacceptable with businesses and homes right on the edge of the proposed site. What about the nearby elementary school on Jamul Drive as well as Steele Canyon High school and the safety issues involved with the high number of children and adolescents walking, biking and driving to and from school Monday through Friday during the hours heavy trucks will be traveling to and from the mine? Many of us are concerned about the biological impact, utilities impact, the noise pollution, serious negative health effects, the effect of property values, and the significant change that will be made to the aesthetics of the environment."

- Jane Girardot

"I support the effort to stop this sand mine project. We cannot let this happen to Rancho San Diego and Jamul. What an arrogant, thoughtless endeavor in such a developed area."

- Robin Visconti

"Please add me to your list who oppose the sand mine."

- Marc Webb

"I am against this project!"

- Laura Vaiasuso

"Let me know what I can do to stop this."

- Nancy Harrelson

"Count me in for fighting this sand mine!"

- Katherine Mertes

"I remember when the excavation was done on Emerald Point and up at the park. The company didn't comply as promised with watering down the dirt. My back yard was a mess not to mention the inside of my house. I don't want this mess again!"

- Kim Cabuhat

"There will be loss to property values due to noise, dust, and safety issues - we must fight this at the County level by contacting the Board of Supervisors."

- Connie Beck

"I do not agree with putting a sand mine right in the middle of a residential area as well as close to schools. Traffic will be a problem in such a small area with only a few roads."

- Ruth Donley

"I am absolutely against this!"

- Jamie La Fortune

"I am 20 years retired after working for California Division of Highways/Caltrans for 40 years as an infrastructure guy - and, I've lived in Singing Hills for more than 30 years. I understand this project and am not at all in favor of it."

- Vance Breshears

"I am absolutely opposed to this project. The current traffic from the quarry on Willow Glen Drive is terrible. The heavy truck traffic has ruined the condition on the road."

- Rosanna Schorr

"This project is one of our worst nightmares. It will bring a myriad of problems for us all."

- Paul Swope

"Please send me info and anything I can do to help stop this project."

- Jennifer Martinez

"Why in the world would they pick the Cottonwood Golf Club for mining sand?"

- Theresa McKenna

"I live nearby and have a child at Jamacha Elementary and a child at Steele Canyon High School. We do not need this is our community!"

- Jenny Stedman

"I fully support the effort to STOP this project."

- Paul Lewis

"I find it beyond belief than an operation such as this is being considered in a beautiful peaceful neighborhood setting. The property values will go down along with the quality of life."

- Linda Logan

"This project DOES NOT belong in this community!"

- Linda Wilks

"With you! I'm also fighting sand mining in El Monte Valley."

- Michael Evans-Layng

"There are already two sand quarries on Dehesa Road. Why do we need another one? This project has to be stopped. Our 2-lan roadway cannot handle more heavy truck traffic and our quality of life is being compromised by a greedy developer."

- Rose

"This has no place in our beautiful community."

- Ileana Koupal

"We oppose this project!"

- Vanessa Hernandez

"While there is a need for aggregate to be used in construction, it is irresponsible to allow this project in the middle of an established residential community. This will affect the safety of those that drive in the area. It will also negatively affect the health of everyone in the area because of the noise and dust from the mining operation."

- Bradford Monroe

"We don't want this in our community; take it elsewhere."

- Nadia Stout

"Please do not make this area into a sand mine. Not only is the noise going to bad with the tractors and trucks coming in and out, but it will be a tremendous eyesore as well."

- Yanira Lo Coco

"This is an established community, let's keep it that way! This is a very unethical approach to a piece of our community. The current owner probably hasn't been to the property. With his history of mismanagement of other closed golf courses in Escondido and Oceanside, this would not be a benefit to our community."

- Michael Stout

"Looking forward to making progress on keeping Cottonwood Golf Club as something that adds to the community."

- Ronnie Woodrow

"We live in such a beautiful part of San Diego. It should not be ruined with this potential destruction."

- Christine

"This should never be allowed in our community."

- Jason Darling

"I very much oppose this project. Let me know the ways to support the opposition!"

- Jan McBride

"I join the struggle to keep this project our of our community."

- Thomas Holman

"I have been alerting our neighbors. Even if you not live very near this operation, it will negatively affect everyone in the surrounding area."

- Claire Cooke

"I support the opposition to this project."

- Tony Sayegh

"We will do everything we can to prevent this from happening!"

- Dave & Melinda Roman

"I am in opposition to this mining project. It will impact the water flow and quality when water is released from Loveland Dam into Sweetwater."

- Angel Salazar

"I am a Lakeside resident who supports your fight against the destruction of your community by sand miners."

- Kathryn Cunningham

"This could not be a worse idea for this idyllic area. Having grown up here, I always enjoyed riding my bike around this beautiful community. Many of us bought homes in this area to enjoy outdoor spaces that are void of construction and urban sprawl. This is a BAD IDEA!"

- Trish Huffman

"I live in Mt. Helix and give unconditional support to your efforts!"

- Gerald Wilke

"I am a citizen against the Sand Mine."

- Doug Howarth

"STOP Cottonwood Sand Mine!"

- Cynthia Ehrlich

"I can't comprehend mining around thousands of children, community, and even an artery of bicyclists and runners. Their long-term health shouldn't be measured by profits and tax revenue."

- TK Swope

"I fully oppose the proposition to turn Cottonwood Golf Club into a sand mine for the next ten years or more."

- Amy DeNoble

"I am opposed to the sand mine. It would be horrible for our beautiful residential community."

- Candice Kasawdish

"Stop the Sand Mine!"

- Terri Horn

"I want to participate in stopping this project."

- Ken Nelson

"I am totally opposed to the sand mine!"

- Cora Jensen

"I am against this!"

- Reem Torey

"I find the idea of this project horrifying for the residents directly impacted by the truck traffic, noise and loss of property values. I am a few blocks away but there is no way that this won't affect me as well. It will ruin Rancho San Diego forever."

- Marquita Davis

"Cottonwood Sand Mine is proposed across from a large residential housing development. These innocent taxpaying citizens would be subject to air pollution due to particulate and possible fungi. The profits made from the sand mine would benefit the owners and be borne by the homeowners whose property and health would suffer. The heavy sand trucks would erode our roads. They would also be a hazard to other drivers on the road as they are heavy and more dangerous in a collision. California is full of sand. They should mine away from homes and schools. There is also no guarantee that they would ever restore the land. If they declare bankruptcy, a court could allow them to not restore the land. They should have an escrow account for any land restoration. Also, the site is next to a wildlife refuge and hiking trail as well as the Sweetwater river. What will be the effect on animal and plant species and visitors in the refuge? What will this do to the water table and what about those with well water? Will their wells become contaminated? This mine is a terrible idea. The project must be stopped before it hurts innocent taxpaying residents."

- Barbara Moore

"Craziest development proposal I have every seen. Harmful in every way!"

- Peter Andersen

"The pollution of ground water, traffic noise, etc. in the middle of a residential area with an elementary school nearby is horrific. The county should consider buying the land for an East County park."

- Patricia Anderson

"I already have respiratory problems and don't need any more problems with breathing - so, I say HELL NO to this sand mine."

- Eugene Ruiz

"It makes no sense at all. The traffic, the noise, the pollution would totally change our community. Praying for common sense to prevail. No on the sand plant!"

- Susan Shaddox

"I would never support a sand mine in that area."

- Heidi Grett

"This is the same guy who started all the trouble with the Golf development in Escondido. We already have enough pollution and traffic as it is."

- Robert Smith

"Who and why would you vote for this proposal? That's absolutely crazy!"

- Maureen Burris

"How this can even be considered is unacceptable. We already have a mine on Wieghorst. It's a disaster. No on this sand mine!"

- Gail Bell

"I will write letters and get the word out to help fight this!"

- Teri Davies-Storm

"Do not destroy this beautiful residential community."

- Nawal Aleshaki

"Hope there is still time to stop this absurd project."

- Lois Fonseca

"Please do not allow this to happen; it will have a devastating effect on our roads, values of our homes, road safety, and will turn a quiet part of town into a loud area. We have lived here over 30 years and have seen many good changes evolve over the years. But this one will be bad, real bad for everyone who lives here. Please don't let this happen!"

- Debbie Andrew

"We moved here for the peace and quiet! Not to hear heavy trucks before sunrise and all day long. Not to mention this Sand Pit would be right next to an elementary school that our children go to. It is too dangerous and there will be many lawsuits. Best to prevent this area turning into a Sand Mine in people's backyard and within the quiet community of Rancho San Diego where the traffic, noise and pollution is not welcome!"

- Jane Girardot

"In addition to the myriad of other reasons why having a sand truck passing by every 2 minutes is a major nuisance, I want to know how this project plans to address the recent releases of massive amounts of water from Loveland Reservoir. I also ride a motorcycle to work and I don't think the roads will remain free of loose sand - this will be a road hazard for me, not to mention the elementary school ramifications."

- John Burgess

"What I and others propose reflects the true character of the best of East County - converting the land along Willow Glen to a wildlife preserve and possible trails would increase the value of existing homes for all residents; instead of creating a money making opportunity for just a few real estate agents and a developer, therefore reducing the monetary value, safety and enjoyment of everyone else's home. Pardon my asking, but what is the point in having zoning laws if people with money, ambition and greed are allowed to petition to have those zoning laws changed when they have what they think is a bright idea that will make them richer? Must the entire residential community spend their existence banding together to lobby the government against changes in zoning - year after year, after year - and if they stop for a breather to just enjoy their home in peace, some businessperson with bucks will swoop in and destroy their neighborhood? It's not fair. It's not right."

- Devorah Ann Fox, PsyD

"I am very concerned about the dangers to health and welfare of the people who will be affected by a Sand Mine. Therefore, I am very against the use of the Cottonwood Golf Club property for this purpose. Let the golf course remain!"

- Karolyn Malmin

"This land should be for lower income housing."

- Jack Smith

"This is horrible!"

- Leeanne Jolly

"No sand Mining!"

- Tina Shaw

"I will make calls, write letters, and show up at meetings - whatever is needed to make my voice and that of others heard."

- Jana Freeman

"We are opposed to the Sand Mine! There is a lot of  traffic on Willow Glen and the community would go into a standstill with the traffic alone. It's not fair or right to plan this kind of industrial destruction in the middle of an established community, no matter how large or small!"

- Jenny Listug

"Stop this Sand Mine!"

- Janis Dean-Cecil

"Not needed - harmful to all that live nearby!"

- Mary Tillman

"I don't think this proposal has a chance of happening, but it needs to be stopped now with a stake driven through the heart of it, burned to ashes, and the ashes scattered all up and down the Sweetwater riverbed. It would be great if the part west of Steele Canyon, at least, were added to the Wildlife Refuge, and the east side of the golf course turned into a Nature Park, with interpretive walks and displays and museum charting the people and things that have lived in this area since forever. Maybe it could be allied, in some way, with the Water Conservation Garden to demonstrate natural processes for water conservation with meeting rooms, like the Mission Trails Visitor Center and connect it to the local hiking trails. Who knows - there may be infrastructure funds available for such a project. And maybe the Golf Course can remain on the east side and partner with conservation groups to keep the property a valued part of the community."

- Gregg Rosner

"Put us down as NO for mine supporters!"

- Karen Lakota & Bernard Urlaub

"I am teamed with the San Diego Audubon Society in their 2021 Summer Advocacy Program. Our topic of choice is Bird Habitats and Populations, and along with the San Diego River Partners, we think that transforming the retired golf course in Cottonwood into a habitat for birds would help revive endangered species such as the Least Bell's Vireo. We applaud your efforts to stop the construction of a sand mine in this beautiful area of San Diego."

- Piper Ceriani

"I'm against this happening! It's such a beautiful area. We already have a quarry on Jamacha. We don't need more big trucks on our city roads!"

- Sheryl Zimmerman

"I would love to stop this!"

- Pamela Johnson

"With you!"

- Karen Lee

"STOP Cottonwood Sand Mine!"

- John Davis

"This proposed sand mine is a danger to the community. This shall not be a consideration for the health of our future!"

- Sterling Hoffmann

"We need the riverbed and vegetation to proved for this wildlife corridor. Digging up the sand will affect the river and everything else as it flows to the sea. Traffic is already horrendous on Willow Glen and putting more heavy trucks hauling sand will further ruin the road, not to mention what the noise and dust would be like."

- Stephen & Kay Brownellor-Bickley

"Don't destroy our beautiful east county! I was born and raised here. This would be such a tragedy!

- Kate Evans

"Stop this project for the health of our children and the elderly. We need to build parks not mines in the middle of a residential area. Let us prove that we can stand against rich people who do not care for the community and will destroy nature just to increase their wealth."

- Eddie Bota

"Don't do it !!!"

- Julee Purkey

"STOP Cottonwood Sand Mine!"

- Howard Whitfield

"This would be a major disaster to the community. This would impact traffic but most importantly Jamacha Elementary and the surrounding residences. Please STOP Cottonwood Sand Mine!"

- Laura Morales

"Although I have moved from the immediate area, I continue to work at Jamacha Elementary School. I intend to be active in fighting against the sand mine project!"

- Eileen Dean 

"This sand mine will affect all neighborhoods surrounding the area. We already have the quarry on Willow Glen which has negatively affected us all. The traffic is bad enough - not to mention the dangerous effects to the environment and wildlife."

- Edie Thomas

"I strongly oppose having the Cottonwood Golf Club turned into a sand mine. This would not only destroy the beauty but would cause health issues with all the particles of dust floating in the air."

- Catherine McKenna-Richell

"Stop Cottonwood Sand Mine!"

- Norma Fernandez

"This green space must be protected!"

- Andrea Bonner

"Stop the sand mine proposal."

- Joshua Yerk

"I have been a resident in the Pasatiempo neighborhood for over 12 years and I am against the production of a sand mine in the Cottonwood Golf Course."

- Marlena Kanouno

"Seems we have an American rendition song that is appropriate for this. Digging up cheap sand for profit, leaves its downside. America the beautiful - from the mountains to the ocean......"

- Barry Treahy


- Nick Rosenberg

"I am firmly against this sand mine!"

- Paulina Kahia

"Health issues, cancer, respiratory issues, lung disease, asthma, dust, air quality, water pollution - a sand mine affecting these things would not be goof for me or my family."

- Bushra Tominna

"We are most concerned about the impact a sand mine would have to the environment, the the health of those that live near the project, the destruction it would do to Willow Glen Drive, and how it would destroy the beauty of this area. Clearly, this proposal is based on financial gain and has no concern about the negative consequences to the community."

- Bob & Eileen Leonard

"As a resident of the area and very close to the golf course, I do not want the health and beauty of our community compromised by this sand mine. Most importantly, our children are our future, and we want them and the rest of us to have a future of good health and happiness. This mine will impact the purity of our water, and with climate change and drought, this development is unconscionable, on so many levels."

- Wendy Zehm

"I live near this proposed project and I just want my voice to be heard. I don't want to change that beautiful golf course into a sand factory that will destroy everything - from the air pollution to traffic. Please, we don't need this sand mine here!"

- Rayan Shamoun

"As a resident in this community, I am against building a sand mine. Stop. Stop. Stop."

- Zina Gorgees

"Stop sand mining in Cottonwood!"

- Linda Jurhs

"I would like to join the effort to Stop Cottonwood Sand Mine!"

- Sarah Burmeister

"I would like to stop the Cottonwood sand mine."

- Lori Loiselle

"I strongly oppose converting Cottonwood into a sand mine."

- Tim Cajka

"Thanks for all your effort on this disastrous sand mine proposal."

- Bob & Eileen Leonard

"Stop this mine!"

- Brad Lenz

"I am strongly opposed to this dangerous project that would put the hundreds of cyclists who bike Willow Glen and Dehesa weekly at serious risk of injury from the large gravel trucks that would work the area."

- James White

"STOP Cottonwood Sand MIne!"

- Steve & Donna Havkney

- Ivan Saliman

"Hope this gets shut down!"

- Rick Marrs

"Stop the mining! There is already too much traffic down Willow Glen because of big trucks."

- Rhonda Lowry

"No to Cottonwood Sand Mine!"

- Helen Louis

"Too many dam trucks on Willow Glen Road from the Robertson Rock Quarry as it is. This project will destroy the little quality of left for us who live and drive on Willow Glen Road."

- Jose Guzman

"I oppose the conversion of Cottonwood into a Sand Mine in Rancho San Diego."

- Patricia Armenta

"This area is surrounded on all sides by residences. Do you realize how much water will be required for dust control and air quality alone? People first! This is not the proper place for an industrial project - period. It is a threat to our area in every regard."

- Jneun

"Our entire family's health is going to be put at risk with all the excess dust and pollution from the digging. Property values are all going to go down. We do not want a sand mine anywhere near our home or children's schools." 

- Christian Albut 


"Please do not put a sand mine near our residence. It is bad for our health. The noise and pollution levels are going to skyrocket!"

- Lidiette Worobey

"I am against this endeavor!"

- Molly Treadwell

"A sand mine operation in the middle of a growing residential neighborhood makes no sense whatever. Such an operation is not conducive to quiet enjoyment of area residents nor does it offer any definitive community benefit. What it will do is diminish the character that was the purpose in the initial creation of this valley. Over the past years many homes have been built here along with new schools, library, senior citizen facilities, fire stations, and most recently, a new Sheriff's station. What possible community advantage can be gained by the addition of a mining operation? I believe the property now being considered by the Board of Supervisors to be used as a sand mine, can be used for a much be"tter purpose consistent with the residential character now in place."

- James Ghazil

"I am against the proposed sand mine. Living anywhere near a quarry or sand mine is dangerous! I believe my health has suffered working at an office between quarries."

- Dana Casemier

"I support stopping the Cottonwood Sand Mine. I own a house in the areas. This project is going to affect the lives of so many people!"

-Marco Perez

"This is a terrible project!"

- John DeLaurentis

"This Will be devastating to this area and surely to the Wildlife Preserve."

- David Hahn

"It would be a complete travesty and an assault to the neighborhoods and a great danger to our children to allow this horrendous situation to take place. How can our 'Leaders' even consider this ugly situation as feasible?"

- Daniel Floyd

"When I first heard about this I had an idea. I have traveled to NYC many times and there is a beautiful park, Bryant Park. It is a privately owned park. Has anyone ever thought about finding someone who would be interested in buying the property and making it a park? They could have food concessions, etc. It is such a beautiful area. Just an idea I wanted to share."

- Linda Hill

"Stop the project to protect the environment and community."

- Hilal Tooi

"I am opposed to Cottonwood Golf Course Sand Mining!"

- Dean Butterfield

"Please don't ruin our community with this sand mine!"

- Alex Cortes

"This sand mine proposal is the most atrocious use of our County and city land I have ever seen. Build this in the desert where no people live. Our County prides itself on our beautiful land with minimal toxic waste compared to other cities. Let's continue to be an example of healthy living, not toxic cancer causing environmental disasters waiting to happen."

- Stephanie Young

"I am opposed to the Rancho sand mine. Do not allow it!"

- Jennifer Wilson

"Stop Cottonwood sand mine!"

- Vivian Ham

"I live in the Dehesa Valley so I drive Willow Glen Drive daily. Thank you for keeping area residents informed on the sand mine."

- Rick Tibbitts

"I am in support of stopping this project!"

- Julie Perez

"I am willing to support this effort to not allow this sand mine!"

- Claudia Ayala

"My family and I oppose this sand mine in our community!"

- Andrea Duran Aydogan

"Let me know how I can help stop this!"

- Rochelle Hancock

"Thank you for organizing us!"

- Jan McBride

"I'm a concerned resident of Steele Canyon and would like to assist in opposing this sand mine project."

- Andy Brikho

"All our open spaces need protection. River beds and mountain areas are the only places that wildlife have left."

- Pam Nelson

"Totally opposed!!"

- David Buller

"This would be a very terrible thing to happen in our community."

- Basil Zetouna

"Don't let them do it!"

Dany Al Isso

"I oppose the building of sand mines in Cottonwood Golf Club."

- Angie Gonzalez

"This project must be stopped!"

- Louie Maroki

"I reject this sand mine."

- Valerie Ross

"Keep the golf club and stop the sand mine."

- Mary Cavadias

"Sand mining at Cottonwood Golf Club would be a DISASTER! I already struggle with asthma now."

- Kathryn Clayton

"I am in support of stopping the sand mine!"

- Brandy

"I am standing against any sand mine proposals such as this Cottonwood project in or near established communities. It is too disruptive by causing unnecessary noise, dust and traffic -  not to mention that it would bring down property values by distorting the beauty of the environment surrounding the community. I also believe the increase of heavy trucks moving in and out several times a day will not only be noisy and potentially dangerous, but that the damage to surrounding streets could be disastrous. Please do not allow this project to go forward."

- Barbara Hughes

"Please keep me informed as to how we can stop this."

- Jim Sleight

"Having a sand mine at Cottonwood in Jamul would be detrimental to our community. The developers should choose an area that is many, many miles away from people, animals and waterways."

- Julia Dent

"Donated.... this has to be stopped!"

- Jeannette Poling

"I live on the ridge right above the Cottonwood Golf Club, I have restrictive lung disease and I share the same concern about the effect a sand mine would have on air quality and respiratory health. I am also concerned about the impact on noise levels, roads, traffic, environment, and ground water. There are so many issues that highlight why this should not be built within an established community!"

- Bonnie Cordova

"We support stopping this sand mine!"

- K&K Hayes

"There will be too many bad health issues for our community if this sand mine is built. Plus, the truck traffic and fire danger will be difficult when evacuations take place."

- Tricia Stewart

"Approval of this sand mine would be the worst thing that could happen to this beautiful community. We say NO to the proposed sand mine in the middle of Rancho San Diego - keep the open space!

- Daniel & Vivian Lardizabal

"No Sand Mine!"

- Steve Purkey

"Please stop it!"

- Amar Ghazala

"I am against the development of a sand mine here!"

- Christian Soza

"I oppose turning RSD into a sand mine!"

- Sandra Crockett

"We want to help stop the Cottonwood sand mine!"

- Nancy Tsakonas

"Opposing approval of this sand mine."

- Tim Duren

"No sand mine! Thank you for your work on this."

- Chuck Oakey

"Stop the sand mine!"

- Thomas & Carole Ann West

"The proposed Cottonwood sand mine would destroy our entire community. There are several mines around here and we are already being negatively affected by those. There are a lot of more rural places they could get their sand instead of in the middle of a very quiet, residential, well-planned, beautiful, tight-knit family community!

- James McNally

"I am strongly opposed to the Cottonwood sand mine project."

- Vahe Adamian

"The proposed sand mine project on the former Cottonwood Golf Club property is completely inappropriate for this neighborhood. Consistent westerly flowing breezes most days of the year would blow right on top of the Jamul elementary school and most of the residences in the area. This sort of project needs to be somewhere that people are rare, and not in an area with a large population."

- Robert Nuttman

"As a homeowner near the proposed sand mine, I am 100% opposed to this horrible idea."

- Jamie Coleman

"I am opposed to this - don't let it happen!"

- Willia Worthem

"I want to help stop the mining!"

- Vu nguyen

"we are concerned and opposed to the sand mine and feel it will greatly impact the quality of life in our area."

- Rominey Jacobs

"I firmly oppose this project!"

- Nancy Porter

"We are very much against turning Cottonwood golf course into a Sand Mine. How would that help to save our earth?"

- nitaz1

"I have problems with my lungs and the micro dust that the mine would put into the air would affect me and others with breathing problems."

- Eugene Ruiz

"This is a continued waste of natural resources. When will we learn to stop destroying our natural resources for profits? Money hungry business owners - never. That's why the community needs to stand together to fight these things. Imagine the true possibilities for this land. Recreating it into a highly valuable restored ecosystem that allows the thousands of surrounding homes to enjoy nature. Something COVID-19 has shown is that people want more of it. Stop the sand mine - let's restore this land for the many social and ecosystem benefits!"

- Jacob Dioli

"Thank you for the work that is doing. I will show support by messaging and going to publicv meetings."

- Miriam Hunt

"We live in the Pasa Tiempo community and are 100% in support of keeping that sand mine away!!!"

- Sarah Robertson

"This sand mine proposal is a travesty - a noisy, dangerous, environment wrecking, traffic choking boondoggle - in the middle of a residential community. We must STOP Cottonwood Sand Mine now!"

- Joe Duncan

"I am with you to help fight this disaster for our area!"

- Lynn Howard

"The Coyle family supports the Stop Cottonwood Sand Mine team!"

- Greg Coyle

"I am a concerned community member who will share with as many people as possible to oppose this project. This is ridiculous and irresponsible. So many people and places would be affected - the Developer has no right to do this."

- Amanda Van Zetten

"Stop sand mine activity at Cottonwood golf course!"

- Robert Kasak

"We have two quarry's already - 1720 Jamacha Road and 2094 Willow Glen Road - one west and one east. We get dust no matter what direction the wind blows. To put a third one just to the south of the other two is NOT a good idea!"

- Scott Blaisdell

"A sand mine in the middle of a beautiful community like Rancho San Diego would be such a poor decision if approved. It would ruin people's way of life out here. Why would anyone want added traffic, noise, and lower air quality? Not to mention what an eyesore it would be. No way should the County approve such an atrocious project like this one!"

- Terry Roberts

"STOP the Cottonwood sand mine!"

- Basil Younan

"I oppose this sand mine!"

- Ray Makani

"I am a grandma who loves to take her grandchildren for a walk in this nice and quiet neighborhood and I refuse to lose this privilege. I love my house so help me stay in it."

- Sarya Younis

"I can't imagine how anyone can approve this project in such a peaceful and lovely neighborhood. We, as a family, reject to face all the risks and disturbances from this sand mine. This project can be done in a non residential area that is not surrounded by lovely houses."

- Akeel Younis

"Stop the proposed Cottonwood Sand Mine!"

- Safa Koryal

"Highly opposed to this project as it will ruin this beautiful family neighborhood."

- Tariq Younis

"Stop the mining project in this beautiful area!"

- Noor Firas Fadhil

"We do not want trucks constantly moving in and out of an area next to our elementary school or in our only road to town. The noise will be too much for these quiet family neighborhoods. This will be especially horrible for the homes that look directly on the the golf club property - they would look directly into a giant sand pit in their backyards. Either turn the property back into a golf course or make the land into a sanctuary for the wild animals and birds that live there."

- Jane Girardot

"Stop planning to destroy our communities! Establishing mines in the middle of the population centers is targeting the lives of the people living in this place and its outskirts. We must all reject such projects now and in the future so that we stop anyone thinking of investing in harming humans and the environment, under any justification."

- m_e_goria

"My family opposes the Cottonwood Golf Club turning into a sand mine in the middle of our beautiful residential community in Rancho San Diego."

- Nelson Campbell

"I would like to show my support to stop this project and save our community!"

- Mohammed Alnasser