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Stop Cottonwood Sand Mine, Org.

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Stop Cottonwood Sand Mine, Org.

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Stop Cottonwood Sand Mine, Org.

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"Do not destroy this beautiful residential community."

- Dorothy Sagaser

"Protect our environment and eliminate more truck traffic."

- Velina (Monica) Bryan-Gonzalez

"As a Registered Civil Engineer and former member of the Valle de Oro Community Planning Group, I believe that this proposed project is incompatible with the neighborhood. The silica dust and air pollution is dangerous for the community. The traffic impacts will negatively affect neighborhoods throughout this region. The environmental impacts are devastating. Please protect our neighborhood and do NOT compromise our health and well-being!"

- Josan Feathers

"This would greatly impact all residents. There is a school, family park and family dwellings in the direct vicinity. The roads are not equipped for the amount of trucks that would be trucking sand in and out of the property, not to mention the noise impact."

- Donna Burns

"This would be a disaster for our health and quality of life!"

- Sandra Wood

"We must save and preserve our nature."

- Doria Wosk

"Mining does not belong in a residential neighborhood. The proposed site borders homes and schools and the noise pollution will disrupt our lives."

- Melinda Oliver

"I do not want this beautiful area we live in spoiled."

- Jan Gates

"Mining of any kind should not be allowed in or near planned residential communities."

- Phillip Faker

"This type of operation has no place in this area. Increased truck traffic, added congestion to traffic in an already busy area, and close to an elementary school - this is inappropriate! Allowing a sand mining operation in a neighborhood would be seriously detrimental to our quality of life in Jamul and Rancho San Diego. This travesty must not go forward."

- Barbara Sevier

"Don't let them destroy our beautiful neighborhood and Rancho San Diego!"

- Melody Marchand

"A sand mine will disrupt the quality of our lives!"

- Dina Beerle

"No more traffic, trucks, dust, noise or environmental damage in our community. We already have troubles with trucks on the roads and our homes bombarded with dust from the nearby quarry."

- Tim Schneider

"This project will affect my health and my family's health as well as cause pollution throughout the area."

- Ziad Alsaigh

"I ride horses in this area. It will be a health hazard to breath in the area if the sand mine goes in, not to mention having to look and listen to the nonstop commotion!"

- Jane Jones

"This project does not belong in this already congested area. It would add 176 trips per day of commercial trucks to an area that is already maxed out and create dangerous traffic conditions, exhaust, and dust. It will decrease surrounding property values."

- Tom & Claire Kelly

"Traffic is already heavily impacted in this area - a mining operation will exacerbate this problem and our quality of life in many ways."

- Michael Ann Beyer

"I strongly oppose sand mining in the Cottonwood area for these reasons (1) This is a pleasant residential community that consists of homes, from condos to multi-million dollar homes, that would face plummeting property values; (2) More importantly, our children attend nearby public schools and our elderly live in nearby facilities - these require an environment free from air, noise pollution, and traffic; (3) Willow Glen Road is a two-lane road, already crowded with speeders and traffic going to the casino. Anyone who visits our Cottonwood community will understand why this sand mining project would endanger our health and the safety of our environment."

- Daryl Mason

"There has already been far too much destruction to this area."

- Carolyn Elliott

"I am opposed to a sand mine at Cottonwood Golf Club. This will rob the community of the beauty of the area. It would be very disruptive to the whole community."

- Karolyn Malmin

"I have lived on the ridge of Wind River Road overlooking the Club House on Cottonwood Golf Club. I am horrified that it is even considered to add another Gravel/Sand operation so close to one that already exists on Willow Glen Road."

- Elaine Pierce

"As a lifelong member of the community of Rancho San Diego, I know that we value peace, tranquility, and quality of life. This proposed sand mine in the heart of Rancho San Diego, on a watershed (Sweetwater River), and a stone's throw from our bird sanctuary that the County spent millions to preserve over 20 years ago, is gross and wrong. The environmental impact alone, without bringing up the monetary and social impacts of the "golf course houses" that line this proposed development, is massive."

- Matthew Howard

"I live off Wind River Road and my view is of the Cottonwood Golf Club property. I am very concerned that a sand mine will negatively affect our property values as well as destroy this community's beauty."

- Kyle Daniels

"I am with you to stop the negative impact this selfish project would have both environmentally and financially on the community."

- Craig Newberry

"This area is so beautiful. It should be left alone. Traffic is already bad and a sand mine would pollute the air creating/exacerbating allergies."

- Shatal Dyer

"We cannot let anyone do this massive digging right in the midst of beautiful homes, families and children. The whole environment will be impacted with debris and sand flying everywhere. It will be very bad for children and adults to breath. This should not be done in a residentially developed area!"

- Sharon Mele

"This sand mining project is an atrocity on every level!"

- Sallie Brown

"I am a community member and a property owner who is very much against the Cottonwood Sand Mine project."

- Marlene Shannon

"I am totally opposed to the sand mine!"

- Katherine Mertes

"We are opposed to this project!"

- Jim & Anne-Marie Roach

"I oppose this project. It will cause a depreciation in home values. It will destroy the beautiful communities of Jamul and Rancho San Diego."

- Shirlie Coles Laipple

"This project must not move forward. There are no pros to a Sand Mine in Cottonwood!"

- Ryan Stephans

"This sand mine must be fought. How is California supporting an All Green environment yet this project is being considered when it would replace a habitat supporting animals with an empty, non-environmental Sand Pit?!"

- John McCann

"I and my extended family see no redeeming benefits of a sand mine replacing the Cottonwood Golf Club, other than lining the pocket of the owner with cash. What will the public receive in exchange?"

- J. Dennis Jamison

"I object to the proposal of the Cottonwood Sand Mine!"

- Eric M. Anderson

"We must stop this! We must keep our community safe and clean."

- Brittani Whiteley

"I'm totally against this project in my community due to the health issues and traffic impact it will have."

- Henry Zaldivar

"This project is completely unacceptable and against the will of the residents in the surrounding community. We pay our taxes and expect to live in comfort in return."

- Maria Fakhoury

"I am totally against this Sand Pit. This road is already dangerous and has many accidents monthly. Adding more heavy truck traffic on Willow Glen Road will make it even more dangerous. This project must consider all the families and children traveling this route to and from school, work and home."

- Janice Echaves

"I live on Sycuan Indian Reservation and want to help stop this."

- Lorie Sturgeon-Sandoval

"This is a bedroom community with already inadequate streets for traffic in the area. To bring an environmentally and inappropriate industry into the area that is not compatible is criminal."

- Sherry Bean

"I stand completely against this project and against the developer who wants to damage our water resources."

- Renee Soto

"I want to stop this sand mine. I do not want to hear the horrible loud noise that will be inevitable."

- Raghad Hamama

"I have horses boarded at a nearby equestrian facility and many of us who ride in the area are concerned about the negative impacts to ourselves and our animals."

- Linda Michael

"No way in hell should a sand project be allowed!"

- Peter Ehmcke

"This would be a travesty to Rancho San Diego if approved. One quarry on Willow Glen Drive is too much... let's not add another!"

- Tim Brodowski

"I am devastated that someone wants to turn the beautiful property into a sand mining operation. It is all about money and not how the community will be impacted negatively."

- Leeanne Jolly

"This is not right. It needs to be stopped. The air quality is ridiculous already and is killing us."

- John Drumel

"Stop the mine! This is a disservice to the hard working property owners of Rancho San Diego and Jamul."

- John C. Stafford

"We live here because of the wonderful nature and silence around us during the day and night. To have someone come in and destroy this land and have trucks coming in and out of our streets and community all day is unacceptable. We will never be able to sell our homes if a sand mine is approved. It is a tragedy for Rancho San Diego if this is allowed to happen."

- Jane Girardot

"This absolutely cannot go forward!"

- Laura Pribyl

"Our community has grown and is filled with children in local schools. We do not need polluting trucks going in and out, silica in the air, harm to our lungs and our children's lungs. This is the wrong location for a sand mine."

- Cherie Martinez

"This proposal is incompatible with the area and adjacent homes."

- Stephen Kapp

"Save our community - we must stop this sand mine!"

- Gina Holenstein

"I strongly oppose anything so unsuitable as this sand mine for our lovely rural community."

- Sherry Johnson

"The Sweetwater Riverbed should not be touched. If this sand mine is approved, how will the Sweetwater Authority transfer water from Loveland to the Sweetwater reservoir without it being contaminated?"

- Rudy & Elsie Marik

"This is not a good idea in any way. It will line the pockets of a few while destroying our community."

- Mavi Ghio

"I have lived here 40 years and am strongly opposed to this project!"

- Jerry Ann Smith

"We must stop this!"

Kenya L. Taylor

"This cannot happen!"

- Timothy Schneider

"There will be loss of property values due to the noise, dust, and safety issues if this is approved."

- Connie Beck

"The Sand Mine will ruin our environment and our neighborhoods. The beauty and air quality impacts from this this ugly, noisy & polluting project would be a terrible insult to the people who live here. None of the roads were designed for the volume of heavy trucks that will be added to the heavy trucks already running from Hester's Quarry on Willow Glen into El Cajon, La Mesa and elsewhere. We can't let the greed of the developers supersede the lives of the thousands of community members who would be detrimentally impacted should this monstrosity be allowed to move forward."

- E John Buesing

"I overlook the golf course - why is someone trying to take our great community away? Why put the elementary school children at risk with all the additional large trucks?"

- Robin Damico

"This project is despicable and cannot be approved in such a beautiful community!"

- Christine Thompson

"The owner of this property is responsible for numerous land grabs, praying on communities with open space, for profit."

- James Ridgeway

"Why insist on ruining the environment?"

- Mary Willis

"This project is disgusting. It will be horrendous with traffic, plummeting property values, dirt everywhere, and perhaps dangerous chemicals in our community. How can a plan like this be approved in the middle of a residential community?"

- Sandra Tessier

"We definitely need to stop this sand mine! Why doesn't the County buy it, keep the east golf course as a public course, and convert the west, or lakes, course as a park with walking paths, cement benches, picnic tables, and an enclosed dog park?"

- Stephen & Kay Brownellor-Bickley

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